Early Assurance Program

The MSU College of Human Medicine has partnered with colleges and universities with ties to CHM clinical community campus sites to provide early assurance of medical school admission and enriched experiences for undergraduate students interested in becoming physicians in an underserved region or with an underserved population.

Qualified applicants from our partner schools should pursue a program of meaningful human clinical and service experiences. They receive academic support and advising from their home school directed toward medical school admissions in general, with additional guiding advice consistent with our college's mission. During their junior year (or the year prior to completion of their undergraduate degree), students apply to this program as a representative of their college/university. We do not impose a limit to the number of applications received from individual partner institutions.

Preference for EAP admission will be given to students at partner colleges/universities who

  • are the first generation to attend college
  • graduated from a low-income high school
  • are eligible for need-based grants
  • express and support an interest in a high-need medical specialty area

The EAP is an enriched, interest-directed program; it is not an accelerated program.

Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and a minimum BCPM GPA of 3.0. The MCAT deadline is Saturday, June 15, 2024 and requires a minimum MCAT score of 500, with sub-section scores of 125 or above. A situational judgement test is also required. Applicants to MSUCHM may choose between the CASPer Exam or the AAMC Preview Exam in 2024. Please see our CASPer and AAMC Preview pages for details on when applicant scores are due.  

We consider all courses for college level credit, including repeated courses when calculating GPA. Students may complete any major. Applicants must complete all required premedical coursework before matriculation with a grade point of no less than 2.0. Please review the CHM admission prerequisites for further prematriculation details.

If you missed the webinar regarding this year’s Early Assurance Pathways’ application cycle, please click here to view it. For just the student panel portion, click here.

Completing the Application

Once applicants have met all requirements and have familiarized themselves with the EAP application process, they may access the EAP Application and CHM Secondary Application via the CHM Applicant Portal in December—see our event schedule for dates. When accessing the CHM Applicant Portal login screen for the first time, click on Early Assurance Applicants to create an Early Assurance user account. An AAMC ID is required to create a user account. To initiate an AAMC ID, register for the MCAT exam.

The Selection Process

Applicants must complete the no-cost online application by the given deadline. Transcripts and letters of evaluation are also required; your premedical advisor will include them within the program endorsement packet they send to us.

  • Three to five letters of evaluation must be submitted in support of your application. You can find detailed information on letter requirements below, in our Guidelines for Letters of Evaluation section
  • All EAO applicants must take the MCAT and CASPer/ PREview by the given deadlines.

Once the College of Human Medicine receives your application, we forward it to the partner school's point-of-contact premedical advisor. The advising team at the partner school establishes how and when to collect letters of evaluation and transcripts; check with your premedical advisor for instructions. The advisors submit a program endorsement letter, letters of evaluation, and transcript for an EAP applicant as a complete packet to the College of Human Medicine.

The college reviews all application materials and invites selected applicants for interview on a dedicated Early Assurance day, typically at the end of February/ beginning of March. The virtual interview experience features a ½ day Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and a 30-minute interview with a current CHM student. 

The decision to admit an EAP applicant to the College rests with the Committee on Admissions. The committee releases conditional decisions in the Spring, with final decisions on a rolling basis, as MCAT scores have been received.

Applicants accepted to the program must decide to either accept or decline the offer within ten (10) business days. By accepting an offer, applicants commit to matriculation at CHM and cannot apply to other AMCAS-participating schools. Accepted applicants will begin an active relationship with the college during their senior year. Unsuccessful applicants to the Early Assurance Program can begin the regular AMCAS application process without delay.

Accepted EAP students can select their ECE/MCE campus (East Lansing or Grand Rapids), engage in research, seek dual degrees, and/or defer matriculation for one year if they wish. Since acceptance to medical school has already been secured, EAP students are able to spend their senior undergraduate year conducting research, participating in Study Abroad, or pursuing other personal or academic interests.

Guidelines for EAP Letters of Evaluation

We expect three-five letters of evaluation in support of your application. An applicant should seek individuals who are able to write strong letters and who know you well. The most meaningful letters come from people who know you well and who can convey your character and abilities based upon their personal experiences. We expect writers to sign and submit their letters using pertinent letterhead and including current contact information. We do not accept letters older than one year from that of your application.

We encourage writers to comment on non-academic qualities that expand beyond what may be reflected by your grades or address any special achievements or attributes. We especially welcome letters from writers who can attest to your maturity, empathy, moral character, reliability, interpersonal skills, self awareness, cultural sensibility, and any other special attributes or experiences.

The letter packet must include an endorsement form from an academic advisor/mentor who can discuss how you'd be a good fit for the College of Human Medicine Early Assurance Program. We desire one letter from a basic science or medical science professor who can critically evaluate your academic potential, maturity, strengths and weaknesses, along with the rigor of coursework. We accept letters from graduate teaching or research assistants as long as they are cosigned by his/her/their supervising faculty mentor.

We also desire one letter from someone with clinical expertise who has observed you and can critically evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in this setting.

We welcome additional letters from people who can attest to your work and attributes in academic, clinical, employment, research, or volunteer settings. If pertinent, we ask that you include letters from people who can validate or clarify special circumstances or anticipated concerns raised within your application (ex: lower grades one semester, compelling reason for withdrawal from a class, minor institutional action).

Notice to EAP Applicants: Applicants must complete the no-cost application by 11:59PM on January 31, 2024. Your endorsement packets are due from your advisors, uploaded into the portal by 11:59 PM on February 16, 2024. All transcripts must be sent to chm.mdadmissions@msu.edu by February 16, 2024 as well.

Questions about the Early Assurance Program may be directed to:
Jessica Davison, MA
15 Michigan St. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Email: daviso54@msu.edu