JustInTime Medicine App

The Shared Discovery Curriculum requires staff, student and faculty access to schedules, content, assessments and data that is rapid, reliable and responsive to each stakeholder’s needs. Originally developed and used within our Internal Medicine clerkship, JustInTime Medicine (JIT) accomplishes these critical functions by leveraging cloud-based technology and functioning on all internet enabled devices.

Joining Tech with Medical Training

Built to be a self-service interface that facilitates the authoring of customized content and criterion-based assessment tools that are easily accessed and displayed on internet-enabled devices JIT makes possible the capturing and reporting of learner progress through the curriculum. JIT provides easy access to and use of tools and data by students and faculty to accomplish both learner instruction and faculty development and creates permanent records and dashboards of learner competencies for student assessment and curricular evaluation.


Just In Time Medicine (JIT) supports medical education in clinical environments by integrating and delivering:

  • Expanded core curricular objectives
  • Logging capabilities for patient encounters and procedures
  • Assessment evaluation tools for focused, problem-specific performance assessments

Using a simple web-based authoring tool, faculty can easily build and update customizable educational content for distribution to both desktop computers and internet enabled mobile devices from a single interface.

  • JIT’s flexibility allows the development and distribution of almost any curricular content
  • JIT supports multimedia resources
  • JIT currently displays the core training problems and expanded objectives from the Clerkship Directors of Internal Medicine (CDIM) Core Medicine Clerkship Curricular Guide, including:
    • 20 core clinical training problemsMobile
      • Each problem is expandable using a tree format or touch screen feature, displaying problem-specific clinical competencies and tasks including:
        • Attitudes/professional behaviors
        • Communication skills
        • Differential Diagnosis
        • History-taking
        • Knowledge
        • Laboratory interpretations
        • Management
        • Physical examination
        • Procedural skills

All content can be enhanced by expanded explanations, hyperlinks to peer-reviewed references, tables, images and sound files.