Accepted Applicants

CHM Policy:  CHM will not knowingly offer seats to a waitlist candidate if they have selected COMMIT TO ENROLL at another US or Canadian accredited allopathic medical school.

Throughout this entire process, students need to communicate directly with all schools regarding their decisions. Please note that CHM Admissions Protocol deadlines may differ from those of other schools.

CHM follows the AAMC application and acceptance protocols for medical schools. All prospective MD and MD/PhD students are advised to review the AAMC guidelines for applicants as directed on the day of their interview.

Questions: Call CHM Office of Admissions at 517-353-9620 or via email.

Office of Admissions & Office of Student Affairs and Services

To ensure that information reaches you in a timely manner, please update your AMCAS application with any changes in your mailing address, telephone number, and/or email address.

All of our correspondence is sent using the AMCAS system. The College of Human Medicine CANNOT change your email address or mailing address within AMCAS. You are the only one who can edit that information.

The Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) will help guide the transition from applicant to student. Please see the Office of Student Affairs and Services page for more information regarding housing, your Net ID, prematriculation, orientation and more.

Acceptance Deposit

Confirm your place in the entering class within two weeks of the date of your conditional acceptance and paying your $100 advanced enrollment deposit as instructed in your conditional acceptance email.


MSU Personal Identification and Access Numbers (PID/PAN)

Your MSU Personal ID Number (PID) and Personal Access Number (PAN) allow you to activate your MSU NetID and MSU email account. Visit for instructions on how to activate your account.

How to retrieve your PID and PAN: Once your PID and PAN have been assigned by the University, you will receive an email from the central Office of Admissions.  If you were assigned a PID and PAN as a previous Michigan State University student, you will have the same PID and PAN. The MSU Admissions Office will admit you to CHM with the same PID and PAN.

It is very important that you protect your PAN and not share it with others, much as you would not share the PIN of your ATM card. It is recommended that you memorize your PAN or keep a record of it in a safe place, as you will need to refer to it in the future.

Dean's Certification Form

All CHM entering students must provide an institutional action certification form from every college and university attended (those listed on AMCAS with the exception of those attended outside of the US or Canada).  You will find the certification form under the Accept Offer tab in the CHM Applicant Portal.

Request To Defer Entry

The Committee on Admissions wants to ensure that all incoming students are ready to focus on their medical training. We recognize that for a variety of reasons, some accepted applicants will wish to defer their entry into medical school. Personal concerns, completion of a graduate degree, research project, service or mission commitment, or establishing Michigan residency are just a few examples of requests to defer which have been granted.

If you wish to defer your entry into the College of Human Medicine, please submit your request by email to the Office of Admissions as quickly as possible after receiving your notification of acceptance to the College of Human Medicine.

Withdrawal of Acceptance/Deposit Refund

Should you decide not to attend the College of Human Medicine, your $100 advanced enrollment deposit will be refunded if we receive written notice of withdrawal by email or postal mail no later than the AAMC deadline of April 30th. Deposits will not be refunded to anyone withdrawing from the college after April 30th.


Please request official transcripts from all colleges and universities you have attended (excluding Michigan State University). Official transcripts are required by the State of Michigan and used to verify the completion of your premedical course requirements and degree(s). Unfortunately, AMCAS does not forward the transcripts you submitted to them. Registrars should send your transcripts to:

CHM Office of Admissions
Michigan State University
Clinical Center
804 Service Road, Room A112
East Lansing, MI 48824-1317

If you have completed all your academic course work, you may have your transcripts sent now. If you have additional course work to complete to fulfill your degree requirements or premedical requirements, please request that transcripts be sent to the College of Human Medicine at the time your degree is confirmed or your premedical requirements are fulfilled.

The College of Human Medicine values your undergraduate experience. Completion of all premedical requirements and a baccalaureate degree is required prior to matriculation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email or at 517.353.9620.

Matriculated Campus Placement

All College of Human Medicine students receive their first two years of education at either the main MSU campus in East Lansing or the Grand Rapids campus. Half of the CHM entering class is placed at the East Lansing campus and half is placed at the Grand Rapids campus.

The Office of Admissions makes all placement decisions. Preclinical campus placement information will typically be sent out in April.

First Look Day


Second Look Day

The CHM Office of Admissions hosts a Second Look Day for accepted applicants each April. While held at one of our ECE/MCE campus locations, the event encompasses programming from both Grand Rapids and East Lansing. All accepted applicants are invited and will begin receiving detailed information in late February/early March.